icon Reduce Work Comp Premiums

Claim costs directly impact how much you pay in Work Comp premiums. WITs Technicians can treat 85%* of workplace injuries within the OSHA guidelines for first aid. This means no claim filed with the carrier, no claims costs added to your loss history, and a measurable reduction in future premiums.

icon Accelerate Response Times

Connect with the nearest WITs-certified Technician with the press of a button and their first-class care comes to you. Forget the days of trying to get your injured employee to an occupational clinic where the average time spent in a waiting room is a couple hours or more.

icon Documented Process

WITs was created by a team of Work Comp specialists. We ask the right questions during intake, provide intentional recommendations, and collect employee’s signature and acknowledgements along the way. Though we’re proficient in keeping these injuries within first-aid, some may ultimately become a claim. For those that do, you’ll have everything needed to minimize the impact of the claim.

icon Improve Employee Care

Employees will receive quicker treatment, without having to find their way to a clinic. They’ll receive care from a knowledgeable and friendly WITs Technician, without having to deal with all the red tape surrounding Work Comp. As one of only a couple people that our WITs Technicians might treat each day, they’ll receive a level of personalized care and attention that a busy clinic just can’t provide.

How it works

Register Your Company

Online Registration is simple, fast, and free. Set up your company’s

users, locations, and preferences – our app does the rest.


Request a Technician

When the next workplace injury occurs, quickly request a technician dispatch through the app. You’ll be prompted to answer a few questions about the injury and then be connected with the nearest technician.


Await Technician’s Arrival

Once you’re connected with a technician, you can track their progress in the app’s GPS. The technician will review the injury details upon accepting the job and can send helpful tips to manage technician will provide treatment for the employee and leave aftercare instructions to ensure a successful recovery.


What types of injuries

can we treat?

  • Abrasion/Scrape
  • Burn (Chemical)
  • Crushing Injury.
  • Foreign Body in the Eye
  • Loss of Consciousness.
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries.
  • Skin Irritation
  • Visible Deformities
  • Bruise/Hematoma
  • Burn (Heat)
  • Cut/Laceration
  • Illness
  • Puncture
  • Possible Sprain/Strain.
  • Swelling

We'll provide immediate care on the spot and leave your employee with aftercare instructions to ensure proper recovery through self-care techniques. All for one flat free of $400 per dispatch.We also offer post accident drug testing for an additional $100 per test.Customize your drug testing preferences when you register your account.


What our users say

Matthew Sanders

Jim De Haven

Director of Human Resource, My Life Foundation

We've had 29 incidents and through proper claims management,Wits Has saved us $300,000 in future premiums

Kevin Watkins

Vanessa Gracia

Director of Human Resources ,Escondido

Wits Conducted a claims analysis that resulted in two refunds which totaled approximately $45,000

Kevin Watkins

Carlos Casas

Operations Manager, Priority pallets

Great Place for EMT's :-)
Wits Gets to Know your buisness; What you do,what you need - and comes up with different solutions