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Workplace Injury Techs (WITs) was born out of team of work comp specific risk managers with over 300 clients all across the country. Our team has treated and managed thousands of claims and workplace injuries over the past 7 years. Our historical average of stopping injuries from becoming claims through effective OSHA compliant first aid is (whatever % we land on lolz), regardless of industry. WITs has been designed to keep employees out of long lines at the waiting rooms and get the highest rated personal care delivered directly to them. The employer gets the added benefits of less work comp claims and happier employees. There has never been such a turn key solution to such a complicated problem.

Frequently Asked Questions By technicans

Yes, we’ve outlined first aid. materials you’ll need and can purchase a full kit here.

Yes, and insurance. We’ll be requiring a valid Drivers License and proof of proper insurance.

Yes ($1M liability limits and name WITs as AI?

Yes ($1M liability limits and name WITs as AI?

Absolutely, that’s the point.

1099 – you’re delivering care on your own time and the only oversight you’ll have is from the client’s you’ll be visiting.

Frequently Asked Questions By Employer

Unless the employee is seen by clinician the injury does not need to be reported to your carrier

At this time we only take credit card or ACH, you’ll input your info on your company dashboard

It depends, but as soon as your employee requests a WIT they’ll receive live updates on an ETA

Yes, if you cancel your request after the job has been accepted you’ll be charged $225

99% of them, yes. But for emergencies please dial 911. Additionally, the mobile app has screening protocol prior to a request for a technician being sent to ensure the employee doesn’t need emergency service.

We operate in California, Texas, and the Chicagoland area. However, please reach out to let us know where you need us.

That’s exactly what we’re telling you. The technicians treating your employees are operating under the OSHA guidelines for first aid. This means anything you as the employer can treat is allowed by us. You can find the OSHA guidelines here: i. CA ii. TX iii. IL